About Arctic Light Photo Ole C. Salomonsen Photography

I am a dedicated and passionate landscape photographer located in the arctic of northern Norway. In my opinion photography is all about different light, and the lights I am surrounded by in the arctic is every photographers dream! During summer we have the midninght sun, during transitions of autumn and spring (equinoxes) we have wonderful arctic light and astonishing colors from sunset in the horizon, and during arctic wintertime, from september to april, we have the wondrous northern lights, or aurora borealis. Tromsø where I live, is one of the best places in the world to experience the northern lights as we are perfectly located under the aurora oval, even during low activity.

I have always been interested in art and photography, and during my childhood I loved to paint and draw. But it wasn't until 2007 I got my first professional DSLR and started to shoot more seriously. I basically shoot everyhting, from people to wildlife, but living up here makes it really easy to be fascinated by, and in one with nature. Hence most of my work is landscape photography shot from my arctic doorstep. And, I make no attempt to hide the fact that I am absolutely in love with and totally in awe of the northern lights. Ever since I was a small boy I have been mesmerized and fascinated by this fantastic phenomenon. By the years this fascination has just grown, and the auroras will never cease to impress me. Hence during winter, do not be surprised of the majority of my shots contains some auroras ;)

Why this fascination? Easy to explain, for me this phenomenon is unrivaled in it's beauty! In my opinion the auroras is THE wonder of the world you should experience during your lifetime. The auroras can be visible in many shapes and colors, it can be moving both slow and majestic as well as fast and furious. And no other celestial object is better to put things into perspective, and makes you realize in a better way how small you really are in this endless universe we live in.

With my true love for this phenomenon, I try to the best of my ability to shoot photos of it showing how it can be. Both auroras in arctic landscapes, and the more abstract shapes the auroras it self can be in. Also, to better enable those who can not see the northern lights, how beautiful it is, I have produced two short movies about it, and these can bee seen under my video section.

I love to travel, but after being so lucky of becoming a father of two small boys (born 2009 and 2010) I have had limited time available for travelling. However with good planning everything should be possible, so I hope to be able to do some interesting trips in the nearby future. If you know of a beautiful place I should visit, I would appreciate it a lot if you would send me a short explanation of it.

In 2011 I was awarded 2nd place in the competition Astronomy Photographer of Thea Year 2011 , category Earth & Space, with the shot Divine Presence. This was a great moment in my career, and I was personally in London to receive the award. Here is a short documentary which was made about my by the APOY team:

Previously I have worked with both Canon and Nikon gear. Today I am a Sony Ambassador, and shoot with primarily Sony gear. Currently I shoot with the Sony A7R, A7R Mark II, A7S, A7S Mark II, and the A77 Mark II and A99. If you would like to follow more of my work you can also find me on facebook 

I hope you like some of my work, and feel free to contact me if you want to ask me something.

Best regards,